Cycle Tourist of the Year

This award is made by the CTA to the member who, in the opinion of the membership, has contributed the  most to cycle touring and the CTA throughout the year. Nominations are based upon four criteria :- Tour Achievement, Leadership, Club Support and Innovation (see below for further details and the nomination form).

Latest Winner – 2022

2022 Brian McAuliffe

Award Criteria

Tour Achievement: The person may have realised a personal goal to cycle tour (perhaps across Australia or overseas) and involved the CTA by organising and leading it as a CTA tour. The achievement of a personal challenge on its own is not as important as meeting that challenge and assisting other members in that goal.
Leadership: The person demonstrated an outstanding display of leadership, which provided direction to the CTA during the current, or previous year. This may have been a drive towards more touring, or social endeavours, or cycle education, or a membership drive, etc. Generally this would relate to CTA Presidents, but this is by no means a necessary condition.
Club Support: The person has consistently been there for the Club over a number of years. This award would be in recognition of their services in a Committee role, Ride Leader role, Ride Organiser role, Tour Leader role, and Public Relations/Social role over the current and/or previous years.
Innovation: The person may have introduced a radical change in thinking for the club membership in general, or altered the customary thinking of the role or proposed direction of the CTA. Innovative ideas may have been the introduction of club uniform, or major improvements to newsletters or ride descriptions. The introduction of an Achievement/Challenge series, progressive dinners, evening social rides or other ideas which galvanise and focus the general club membership.
  1. The Cycle Tourist of the Year is not a reward for completing all the Achievement or Challenge series, or having ridden a given number of kilometres etc., since these are personal goals which do not reflect the needs or involvements of the general membership.
  2. The above criteria was compiled as a guide to help people understand what they are voting for in chosing the Cyctle Tourist of the Year. Someone may fit into one or more of the criteria. You may feel someone deserves it for other reasons.


Voting for the award takes place at the Club’s AGM. If a member feels no nominee has suitably demonstrated the qualities required for this award, they may vote “No Award”. If the number of “No Award” votes exceed the total number of member nomination votes, then no award is made that year.

Award Recipients

2022 Brian McAuliffe
2021 Stuart Crombie
2020 Rita Miller
2019 Rosalee McAuliffe
2018 Trevor Knox
2017 Stan Wiechecki
2016 Christine Liddiard
2015 Connie Van den Ende
2014 Liz Marshall
2013 Hilary Beck
2012 Teresa Liddiard
2011 John Faris
2010 Sarah Cutts
2009 Jeremy Savage
2008 Allan Duff & Deb Palacios
2007 Colin Prior
2006 Noel Eddington
2005 Karen Date
2004 Kleber Claux
2003 Tony Humphreys
2002 Marion Affleck & Terry Bailey
2001 Simon Koek
2000 Ann Wilson
1999 Desama Bailey
1998 Tom Wall
1997 Janet Devrill
1996 Ross Cussons
1995 Peter Lundy
1994 Stan Wiechecki
1993 Mark Nilan
1992 Simon Koek
1991 Brett Rutherford
1990 Arie Lemson
1989 Kleber Claux
1988 Martin Bunny
1987 John Sherwood
1986 Ron Bowyer
1985 Bob Stockman
1984 Ian Hore
1983 John Martin
1982 Dale Neill
1981 Mark Bettell
1980 Neil Porteous
1979 Wayne Lally
1978 Nicole Harrison (now Gentz)

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