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Rides Classifications

All riders are responsible for showing up with a well-maintained bicycle. You will need to wear a helmet and we recommend you bring a spare tube, puncture repair kit, tyre levers, pump and a spanner (to fit the axle nuts if your bike is not fitted with quick release hubs). Most importantly, bring water.

Rides are described according to the guidelines below. If you are unsure of your suitability for a particular ride, or if you feel it may be too long for you, don’t be put off. Please contact the ride leader before the day, to discuss your suitability, or to see if you can do part of the route.

Terrain refers to the hilliness of the ride, and can be Mostly flat, Rolling, Some hills, Hilly, or Unsealed road.

Pace refers to the average range of speeds on level ground without breaks. Downhills may be faster, uphills slower. For rides described as HILLY, consider choosing a pace one step down from your usual comfort level.

Social Under 15 km/h
Leisurely 15 – 20 km/h
Moderate: 20 – 25 km/h
Brisk 25 – 30 km/h
Strenuous 30 – 35 km/h
Super Strenuous 35+ km/h



While every effort is made by CTA ride leaders to ensure the safety of all participants on our rides, individual cyclists (whether they are members or not) are not covered by the club for injuries if an accident occurs. We recommend that you obtain personal accident insurance before taking part.

How to lead a ride

Leading a ride can be a lot of fun. You get to go where you want to, and control the pace, stops etc. This could be a child friendly 10 km ride to the local park or something more extensive.

If you would like help, most people on the Rides Committee or other members would be happy to co-lead, or just support you on the trip. In fact people are always ready to tell you where to turn when leading.

CTA Ride Sign In Sheet

CTA ride leaders please download, print and read the CTA Ride Sign In Sheet. At the start of the ride ensure that every participant records their name and contact details. After the ride mail the completed ride sheet to Cycle Touring Association of WA PO Box 174 Wembley 6913 or scan and email to

Achievement Rides

The Achievement Ride series are being run again this year. As per normal, we’re looking for people to help support the ride. So if you’ve been on a few of them previously, and especially if you’ve won a mug, please contact the Rides Coordinator and put something back into the club. Details on the Achievement Ride Series can be found here.

The rides are open to anybody. There is a $10 charge for non-members on the achievement rides. If you want to go on an achievement ride then please book it with organiser at least a week beforehand for the ”Take Ones“ and preferably about 2 weeks beforehand for the ”Take twos“. The ”Take twos“ are only run if enough people register two weeks beforehand.

Contact Achievement Rides Co-Ordinator at

Achievement Ride Brevet Card

If you are unable to attend one of the official CTA Achievement Rides rides, then you can complete the ride using a CTAWA brevet card. Route descriptions are available from the Achievement Rides Co-Ordinator Email Download brevet card here CTA Achievement Ride Brevet Card.pdf Completed cards must be returned to the Achievement Rides Co-Ordinator as soon as possible after the ride (within 2 weeks).

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